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Pain Management

Determine compliance or monitor patient progress with Keystone’s Medication Monitoring. Make your treatment decisions with confidence and get some peace of mind.

Addiction Monitoring

Accurate, precise, selective and specific results serve as a valuable clinical tool when evaluating patient treatment.


Monitor and improve decisions about medication therapy, including the use of controlled substances.

Workplace Testing

Reduce insurance costs and improve workplace
safety with background screening and workplace testing. We can help hire and retain your best employees.


Assess medication and substance use that could affect the health of mothers and their newborns.

Primary Care

Medication monitoring is an important tool for any clinician.

Worker’s Compensation

Improve patient outcomes, reduce claim costs, and benefit the healthcare system as a whole.


Keep up with the latest news on pain management, medication monitoring and sunstance abuse care.

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Forensic Certification

Every test meets the highest standards for security and analysis in forensic toxicology drug testing. A strict chain of custody and exacting methodology means results are consistent and defensible in court. Not every client needs forensic certification, but every client deserves a result they can trust.

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