Keystone Science

The Difference in the Details

Priority Accessioning

Decades of experience has taught us a thing or two about testing. It starts with priority accessioning which allows us to identify clients that need a quick turnaround time and process those specimens first. All new clients are set up under priority accessioning in order to identify missing information and streamline the process.

Accuracy of Results

Enzymatic De-glucuronidation converts drugs to their free detectable form
Solid Phase Extraction removes interferences, allowing the equipment to identify the correct concentrations of the drugs
LC-MS/MS is highly sensitive equipment with controls in place to avoid cross contamination and provide accurate results.

Our methodology leads to extremely low cut-offs.

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Forensic Certification

After our processing scientists analyze the results, they are certified by a forensic scientist. This means they are consistent and defensible in court. Not every client needs forensic certification, but every client deserves results they can trust.