Worker’s Compensation

Why Keystone for Workers’ Compensation Testing?

A growing number of insurance adjusters, medical reviewers and case managers rely on Keystone’s quantitative urine drug testing and medication monitoring services. By providing an advanced level of care through the optimal combination of testing technologies and support services, Keystone is helping to improve patient outcomes, reduce claims costs and benefit the healthcare system as a whole.

Keystone’s Workers’ Compensation Solution

Identify prescribed medications paid for by the insurer but not paid for by the patient
Identify why the treatment might not be working for the patient
Maximize adherence to treatment guidelines for the prescribing of Class II pain medications
Provide a factual basis for claims reserving and settlement planning
Workers’ Compensation Administrators

As a workers’ compensation professional your goal is to get claimants back in the workplace as soon as they are able while managing costs efficiently. Controlling pain is an important component of any injured worker’s treatment, yet it can be a substantial expense.

Medication monitoring with Keystone goes beyond standard urine drug testing to provide a more comprehensive picture of injured workers’ pain medication use. Our service provides unique insight to evaluate a claimant’s treatment or chronic pain therapy and improve the treatment plan. Find out how Keystone can help you.